Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hullo! Guess who's back.  Arrgh.  Life's been utterly busy for me.  Being a single mom is harder than I thought.  But how I miss here I am trying to squeeze in some posts in between laundry and grocery. Haha!

She seems to be enjoying a lot.....tugging along and sorting our list. Hahahah.  This child is ridiculously sweet and overwhelming with cuteness.  I just love her.

"just making sure the cornflakes is in impeccable shape, mom"..

Thursday, July 5, 2012


 Hellooo! Thanks for dropping by.  I have been on hiatus for almost a year due to my pregnancy.  But  I'm back now.  With a different view in life.  Expect me to write more on my personal accounts on parenting, housekeeping and and anything in between...ha!  I'll try to do some outfit posts still and a little bit of crafting, travel advises, and what not.

Thanks for taking time to read Boho Mundo. :) Cya 'round!